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Beervelde Park, and in particular the coach house, are easily accessible and well suited for parties and receptions.

What catering is concerned, we like to work together with ‘De Feestarchitect’. This catering company is perfectly able to answer all your questions (availability included) but if you wish to bring a visit to the location first, you can reach us at +32 (0)477 60 58 93 or mail to

The Orangerie

On the map you will find at the bottom right, the Orangerie. This L-shaped room has a usable area of 166m m². The beamer, a projection screen and a private sound installation make this room very suitable for both seminars and wedding s (up to 130 people seated). The Orangerie has a spacious kitchen.

The Barn and the School 

At the top left on the map you will find two rooms with an attractive rural character: the Barn (68 m ²) with its beautiful wooden floor and authentic appearance, followed by the School (90m²) with its brick floor.

Stay overnight in the Park van Beervelde

You want to organise an activity in Beervelde Park and  your guests wishes  to stay overnight in the neighbourhood?  Or during your event, you need a space where the children can play or the grandparents wishes to withdraw from the hustle and bustle? Or do you want just a space where you can rest ? Beervelde Park offers you the possibility to rent an apartment that is located on the courtyard. This apartment can accommodate maximum 8 persons, is fully equipped. The next morning you will awake in all tranquillity and at the breakfast table, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the park.

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Use of the park

Are you searching for a location for a photo shoot? The park behind the carriage house stretches over more than 25 hectares.

for more information: +32 (0)9 356 81 82 or



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